About Us

Our team has been designing all kinds of mods and hacks for online games for years! We decided to take on the challenge of coding a Roblox hack tool that would be accessible online as a way to help the gamers that support Roblox a little more freedom in game. By creating our Roblox Helper, we knew we would help make more in game material accessible to the gamers!

Keeping the system online helps ensure our users safety! Many times, even in hacks released with good intentions, malicious users will get a hold of an application and attach spyware and adware components that infect a ridiculous number of devices every day. We are able to ensure no one gets their account compromised for using our software this way. It’s win-win!

Before releasing this build of our program online, our team tested out all of the capabilities of the tool to make sure it was detection proof. We spent months watching how moderators responded to different account modifications, and recorded their reactions to various tools put in use. It was with this research, we’re able to design the best anti detection methods implemented in any Roblox cheats you’ll find on the internet! We have no reported accounts hacked in any of our testing, and will use this research with new findings in the future to help make this tool even better! All of our Roblox hack tools will be released online, and we look forward to continuing and progressing in the future.