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Hello and welcome to, the best place on the web for the best-in-class exploits! Here at Roblox Helper, we strive to bring you the best quality software that help you get as many Robux as you would never need for free. The helper is a proprietary tool designed to help you further yourself in the game and allow you to do the things you have always wanted, with ease. Our Roblox hack is cloud based, both to help provide ease of use and to help keep our users’ gaming accounts safe and secure. We have done our best to make sure this release has more safeguards against detection methods than any other online Robux generator on the net, our newly implemented safeguarding algorithms makes sure that your account’s activity is never suspicious.


Roblox Helper


What We Do at Roblox Helper

Our team at had one thing in mind when we set out to help create a cheat engine for Roblox. We wanted to help users gain access to as many Roblox tickets they wanted, and in turn, help a record amount of people get to progress further in this game than ever before. We all have been loyal followers of the game itself, and after some time spent, grew weary of grinding Tickets. Eventually, we began collaborating and planning what would eventually become the hack you have found here! We developed the tool to run in an online platform for ease of use for all of our users.

Many people wonder why we developed a cloud based hack tool, which means that you only need to open our client application and send requests to our cloud server which processes your requests. Well, first off, it reduces the need to build software that is compatible with hundreds of kinds of devices on the market today, and it even makes developing the software easier. On top of that, many people hate to download software because of the risk of being infected. Even in popular software, your devices often end up with some kind of malware, and in some extreme cases, ransomware and spyware. Because of this reason alone, we would have greatly reduced the amount of potential users our Roblox cheats would have been accessible to. And oftentimes, even with the ease of use that comes with an android app installation, you often have to install several kinds of code value modifiers and beyond for a variety of platforms and devices. This is great if you have some coding experience; otherwise you will more than likely end up frustrated, with nothing to show for hours of work. Our Roblox tool is made to work online, and is start to finish, a few easy steps.

How to Get Free Robux Using the Tool

The tool has a very simple, clean and intuitive user interface, you don’t need any dependencies or any other special software to be installed for the Roblox Helper to work. Follow the simple steps below to complete the process in a matter of minutes.

  1. Enter your username into the Roblox Hack.
  2. Choose the device that you are currently using.
  3. Select the amount of Robux that you would like to add to your account.
  4. Add any extra upgrades you would like.
  5. Click the "Hack" button and wait for the process to begin.
  6. Allow the tool to finish and reopen Roblox.
  7. Finally, enjoy!

After successfully completing the process once, the only thing you have to do to keep your account safe from detection is to limit your use of our online tool to once or twice a day- that’s it! You can use the Roblox Helper for as long as you want to, for free! We tested our software on countless accounts, some much more extreme than others, without ever having any of our accounts banned during our rigorous testing.

Why Use Us?

It’s time to play Roblox at a whole new level! Getting Robux by yourself may sound feasible in the beginning, but at a point, it’ll be really hard to earn enough Robux to further in the game. If you’re one of the thousands of people that look for a way to get free Robux, well, your quest has ended. Become a beast in the game with the helper and shock all your friends! We aim to deliver our hack tools and all other upcoming software for free, for as long as we can afford our maintenance costs, please support us by other software and sharing it with your friends and family.

Our Roblox Robux Generator has been rigorously tested, making sure that the software is as reliable as it meant to be. All you ever needed in Roblox is just a few clicks of a button away! Always remember that your information and your gaming account will be completely safe and using our services will not get your account banned, because our software, unlike most other hack tools, exploits their vulnerabilities at a deeper level and makes sure that you get what you wanted without a flag on your account.


Follow our instructions on this page to use the Roblox Helper and please write to us if you’ve any concerns or feedback. You can also find out more about us by visiting our About page!

The newest helper is online!

Our all new Roblox Helper works online and does not require you to download any software. You can run the generator directly through our website. We have added this improvement because we want to provide the best user experience possible where users can feel safe and free of viruses and other sketchy downloads.

Get Free Robux and More!

Our service has just been released to the public and we are experiencing extremely high demand! Being the only working exploit for Roblox, we have received a major bonus from our sponsors and a few very giving donors. Thanks to the help of these very special people the Roblox helper is currently free and we hope to keep it that way!

Safe and Secure

Our Roblox helper is completely server based and always runs through an encrypted server. There is no risk using our tool because we host it on an encrypted server and even offer proxy support for even more protection. You are left completely anonymous when using our hack and there is no way for Roblox to detect you.

See the latest comments, reported live from the generator.


lol i just did it and none of my friends know how its funny theyre just like wtf


Wow you guys are such losers ruining the game. Learn how to play the real way no hacks.


can i use it for my brothers account too? i already got mine


Can I use the hack more than once?

Short answer: Yes, though we strongly recommend only using our hack once a day per account in an effort to avoid detection, you can use technically use the tool as many times as you wish.

Can I get banned for this?

We are proud to be able to say that there have been no reported bans to this day. Our hack runs through our own private server and there is no way for Roblox to detect that you are using a hack. As long as you limit your usage to a reasonable amount you should be safe and stay under the radar from Roblox servers.


Do you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding our website or service? Please do not hesitate and contact us now. Simply fill out the form on our contact us page to send us a message. Please allow up to 24 hours business hours for a reply. We hope you understand. Thanks.